Happy Birthday Story Bridge

Happy Birthday Story Bridge!!!

Brisbane is often referred to as the River City and one of the most iconic landmarks on the river is undoubtedly the Story Bridge.

With it’s 75th Birthday on a lovely sunny weekend in July, a few of our Showroom team decided to help the old girl celebrate her birthday.

The group of extended family and friends put together a flotilla of paddle craft and paddled from Heath Park on Norman Creek to the Bridge and back again.  Heath Park was the ideal point to enter and leave the river as there’s plenty of parking and a great pontoon for launching from.

The crew ranged in age from 5 to 50, so a variety of craft was need to ensure safe and enjoyable passage for everyone.  The ‘fleet’ comprised of 2 x 15′ canoes, 2 x Tidemark kayaks and a Scamper canoe.  Both the 15′ canoes had outriggers attached to give additional stability with the kids on board.

Consideration was given to tides to allow the guys an easy ride up river with the tide and the same on the way home.  This is important, especially with kids in the group, so they don’t get tired or bored.

Upon arriving at the bridge, the team pulled the boats up on the little beach under it and walked up to the park on the southern bank for lunch.  It’s a great location with views of the city and the bridge.  It’s also an easy landing site even at high tide.

Turns out they were even spotted by someone from above! can’t go anywhere without being seen…

The trip home was a breeze with a strong tidal run to push them along and an easy pull out at the pontoon at Heath Park.

All in, a great day on the water to celebrate a memorable occasion